This Homemade Recipe Will Save You Hundreds!

almond milk 1

Homemade Almond milk is a great way to practice your homestead skills, improve your health, and save money at the same time.

Were you aware that commercial almond milks can contain fillers and preservatives that can have negative health consequences? At $3 to $4 dollars per box, the expense can add up.

My family buys 4 boxes a week, totaling over $570 per year! Instead of buying it by the box, consider buying your almonds by the bag and making your own.


1 handful of almonds in blender.

almond milk 1

Add water to fill blender.

almond milk 2

Blend on high for one minute.

almond milk 3

Optional: Strain through cheesecloth.

Optional: Add cinnamon, vanilla, or other flavor to taste.

Put in airtight container and refrigerate. Enjoy!

Written by Cat Bleish.

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