This Homemade Recipe Will Save You Hundreds!

almond milk 1

Homemade Almond milk is a great way to practice your homestead skills, improve your health, and save money at the same time.

Were you aware that commercial almond milks can contain fillers and preservatives that can have negative health consequences? At $3 to $4 dollars per box, the expense can add up.

My family buys 4 boxes a week, totaling over $570 per year! Instead of buying it by the box, consider buying your almonds by the bag and making your own.


1 handful of almonds in blender.

almond milk 1

Add water to fill blender.

almond milk 2

Blend on high for one minute.

almond milk 3

Optional: Strain through cheesecloth.

Optional: Add cinnamon, vanilla, or other flavor to taste.

Put in airtight container and refrigerate. Enjoy!

Written by Cat Bleish.

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Harvesting Basil this amazing herb is just as easy as growing it!


Leo Magpoc operates a self sustainable homestead from his front and backyard. He grows his own food, raises his own chickens, quail and rabbits. He is an Agorist looking to provide for his family of his own free will. He’s a Leave-me-alonist, who doesn’t require government permission to feed his family. He welcomes others into his home to teach them how to care for the animals, and how to butcher them for food. If you are willing to work, he might even trade you for some basil. We harvested “bunches of basil” from his front yard garden yesterday.

You can see more of what Leo and his family do, by following them on Facebook Magpoc Homestead and on their website. Here are some photos from the basil harvest.

Harvesting Basil

First, we cut the basil using gardening scissors. We then used the leaves from the Sorghum plant to tie the bundles. This way you don’t need to buy string or anything to tie them. It helps to find multiple uses for your plants. After tying the bunches, we hung them out to dry for a bit. We gave a few to the neighbors and some other friends of ours. One of the most amazing things about growing your own food, is that there is always extra to share.

Since we needed to get back on the road in our motor home, I decided to hang my basil to dry in my kitchen. I used some hooks to hang them in between the cabinets and out of the way. Someone suggested putting them in a pillow case so when they dry it is easy to collect the basil. I will do something like this, and once it is ground, I will save the basil in spice jars for later use.

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